The first book in the Kumari trilogy

Nominated for the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize and the Doncaster Book Award

A magnificent debut full of wit and humour…”


A powerful and touching novel…”


New York is full of thirteen-year-old girls who think they’re goddesses.

But Kumari is the real deal.

And she doesn’t have a clue how she got there.

Kumari is a goddess-in-training who lives in a secret valley kingdom. She is destined to stay young forever, unlike people in the World Beyond. But Kumari longs to break out of her claustrophobic life at the Palace, where her only real friend is a baby vulture and there is nothing to think about except the mystery of her mother’s death.

It’s hard to kill a goddess, but someone did. And so Kumari steals away to the Holy Mountain, determined to summon Mamma back from the dead and to find out the truth.

But the next thing Kumari knows, she’s in New York. Surrounded by strange buildings and even stranger people, and running for her life…

Some reviews:

‘A magnificent debut full of wit and humour…If you were to put a kingdom beyond the world, Manhattan, a goddess-in-training and a pet vulture you wouldn’t think there would be a story to be told.  Well you’d be wrong.  Amanda Lees has drawn these supposedly disparate elements together into something that really has more than a little something.  It’s wild, it’s wacky, it’s frightening and full of adventure. It’s an unmissable treat and the first in the Kumari trilogy.’ Lovereading4Kids


‘The heroine of Amanda Lees’s unusual and colourful debut, Kumari, Goddess of Gotham, is, like all the best heroines, plunged into a situation of menace right from the very start of the book, and she spends the rest of the novel trying to fight her way out of it. Unlike the many other self-indulged New York teenagers who preen themselves as if they were goddesses, Kumari is the real thing – a goddess-in-training from a royal kingdom, where her mother has recently died and her only friend is a bedraggled baby vulture named Badmash.

Kumari somehow finds herself in our world, the World Beyond, and is forced to adapt to strange buildings and odd people. Her initiation into modern American life is portrayed in a way that is both touching and funny – her first encounter with a burger, for instance, leaves her reeling in horror at the bread-like disc, with “yellow ooze spilling from its centre” and a side order of “pale strips, with some red sticky sauce”.

Used to people in her palace wearing elegant saris and sandals, Kumari is placed in the hands of a motherly foster carer who resembles a “giant plum” with her hair a dazzling confection of twisted curls topped off with mauve tips.

To make the unusual heroine appeal to today’s children, Lees cleverly allows her to pick up some of her new language from The Simpsons – with comic results – and ensures that she falls in love with a boy and has her first kiss.

The contrast between Kumari’s world and our own provides the dramatic tension over the  course of this powerful and touching novel about an outsider trying to fit in.”

Vanessa Curtis, Glasgow Herald


Everyone should love this book……magical, different and has a baby vulture in it! What more could anyone require? I loved it! Sue Chambers, Waterstone’s, Harrods


‘An original mix of fantasy and reality. Kumari is a sweet, unusual and trend-setting new character.’ Chicklish


‘Kumari is a great heroine – feisty and determined, but also sweet-natured and lovable and entertainingly fallible.’ Write Away


The second book in the Kumari trilogy

“Terrific blend of fantasy, wit and adventure…”


“Kumari is a gusty heroine riding an entertaining rollercoaster of life…”



Kumari is back from the World Beyond, but everything has changed. The palace is full of danger, the fires of happiness are dying and the Hidden Kingdom lies in crisis.What’s a girl goddess to do? Kumari’s still struggling with her Powers, while her quest to avenge her beloved Mamma seems tougher than ever. And she’s missing her friends in the World Beyond – back home she has none, except for her bolshie baby vulture, Badmash.When disaster strikes, Kumari has to work fast and in secret. Can she outwit the thieves of happiness to save Papa and her people? Or will she have to sacrifice her own life for the kingdom she loves?      



 Some reviews:

“A fast-paced adventure of magic, mystery and enterprise…Kumari is a gutsy heroine riding an entertaining roller coaster of life.” Julia Eccleshare

“In this terrific blend of fantasy, drama, wit and adventure, Kumari the girl goddess, who we first met in the author’s striking debut KUMARI, GODDESS OF GOTHAM is once again forced to pit her wits against everyone in order to save her people against the enemy. With an original voice the author succeeds in engaging the reader, both through some page-turning suspense but also via a lightness of touch in the writing.” Lovereading

“We loved the first book in the Kumari series, written by super-talent Amanda Lees, and the second in this three-part series, really, really doesn’t disappoint.

Kumari, the girl goddess is back home after her year in New York, but everything has changed. It’s hard to fit back into her old life at the Palace after everything she’s learned in the World Beyond. More seriously, her father the King is very ill, and the future of the Hidden Kingdom is under threat. Kumari will need to marshall her goddess powers and use all her courage and ingenuity to find the secrets which will cure Papa and save the kingdom. And her quest to avenge her beloved Mamma seems destined to continue!” Lolasland





The third book in the Kumari trilogy

“A brilliant fusion of fantasy and contemporary comedy that adults and children will both enjoy immensely.”


A thrilling page-turner of a book…”



Kumari has saved the Hidden Kingdom from disaster and she’s longing to return to the World Beyond. Then a dramatic message from the gods sends the girl goddess on the most important mission of her life.

As her plane touches down in New York, questions fizz through Kumari’s brain. Will her friends still be there for her? What if Chico’s feelings have changed? And is the World Beyond ready for the secrets she has to share?

But soon Kumari faces an impossible dilemma. With a chance to fulfil her destiny as a goddess, must she renounce her friends, her freedom and her happiness forever?


 Some reviews:

‘Old enemies and new revelations make this a thrilling climax to the Kumari trilogy which began with Kumari: Goddess of Gotham and followed with Kumari: Goddess of Secrets.  Kumari is a great heroine – feisty and determined but also sweet-natured and fun-loving.  The author mixes both humour and pathos to great effect resulting in a brilliant fusion of fantasy and contemporary comedy that adults and children will both enjoy immensely.’ Lovereading4kids


‘This is the third and final book in the Kumari trilogy. After saving the Hidden Kingdom from disaster; goddess-in-training Kumari longs to go back and visit her friends in the World Beyond. But then a message form the gods send her on the most important mission of her life- to avenge her Mamma and save her from limbo. As she heads for New York, Kumari is faced with a problem that seems impossible. Becoming a full goddess means giving up her friends, her freedom and her happiness…

When I first starting reading this book, I wondered what it would be like (this is the first book I’m reading in the Kumari series). I thought it would be a fantasy with lot of things happening that we all know are impossible. But it’s nothing like that at all. Kumari is a normal girl (okay, so she is a goddess) but she has normal feelings. She goes through what every girl does – crushing, making hard decisions, balancing friends with family. Kumari also has to deal other things, like goddess training and, most importantly, avenging her Mamma.

I loved this book and the way Kumari is so wise at fourteen! Maybe, she does make some mistakes sometimes (don’t we all) but that’s what is so great about her. We can all learn a little something from Kumari. I like the relationship between her and Chico, and how strong their love seemed to me. Kumari is a smart, gutsy, heroine who fights for what she believes in. A thrilling, page-turner of a book! I recommend it anyone who loves a good read.’ Chicklish (5 stars)






Books for Adults




“Sparklingly funny and painfully sharp throughout”


“A riotous romantic comedy of errors and mistaken identity.”


A sad loss to womankind, maybe, but one glance at his shy smile and Alex had to stop her heart from performing backflips. Here most definitely was a man in need of help, and it looked like she was the girl to oblige.

Had Alex only known that Nick had more than one reason to be nervous she would never have knocked on his hotel room door.

No one must ever know what happened in the room that night. But, of course, everyone finds out.




Some reviews:

‘A riotous, romantic comedy of errors and mistaken identity.’ Marie Claire

‘Amanda Lees swells the girl-about-town genre with Selling Out but this one is actually funny.’
Harpers & Queen

‘The description ‘romantic comedy’ applied to a novel can frequently make the heart sink, but Amanda Lees’s debut is a more than pleasant surprise: sparklingly funny and painfully sharp throughout…Using and subverting the clichés of the sex-and-shopping genre to great effect, Lees builds a series of hugely amusing set-pieces…A light but gratifying addition to this summer’s beach-bound reading list.’
The Times

‘Amanda Lees has a charming turn of phrase that gets you giggling out loud.’

‘A fine, frothy debut that will not disappoint.’ Books




“A frothy and funny read…you can guarantee that Amanda Lees’s books, like her own life, will never be boring.”


“It’s great fun and easy to read…with that ‘Oh God, this is my life’ factor.”



It only takes a postcard to change everything. And an enigmatic one at that, ferociously pink, subtly scented and with an intriguing message emblazoned across the front: You Have A Secret Admirer.

The thrill of working out who the mysterious scribbler might be proves impossible to resist, but not even the sassiest sleuth in the land can cope when the man of her dreams saunters into her shop.

Is he the anonymous wielder of the fountain pen or merely the result of the most fabulous twist of fate?

In a novel of testing choices, deceptive charisma and delectable chocolates, it remains to be seen whether Delilah can emerge romantically intact…


Some reviews:

‘Can Delilah emerge romantically intact? Well worth giving up a Saturday afternoon’s shopping to find out!’ 19 Magazine Book of the Month

‘ It’s great fun and easy to read…with that ‘Oh God, this is my life’ factor.’

B Magazine

‘A frothy and funny read…you can guarantee that Amanda Lees’s books, like her own life, will never be boring.’  Hello

 A sweet story with the cute shop and its kooky customers setting it apart from other chick lit.’