There’s a thought-provoking piece over at the Bookseller blogs by Anthony Horowitz on the chill winds that are blowing through the worlds of publishing and television drama. As one traditionally feeds the other, this is what we might term a double dip for the traditional sources of entertainment for the masses.

Of course, we are facing a world in which digital forms of entertainment have gained rapid ground. For younger people, in particular, they are the the first resort when it comes to choosing how they wish to spend that segment of their leisure time.

I touched on the subject of digitization in my previous post and its effects will have far-reaching consequences for all creators of original entertainment. Those who fail to adapt to the new environment may find that there is no longer a place for their work on any platform.

You can read what Anthony Horowitz has to say on the subject here:

Horowitz Blogging at The Bookseller