April Fool’s Day – I love it! Although whoever decided to hold the G20 summit today was clearly having a laugh. In case you’re stuck for inspiration, I’ve decided to share a couple of my favourite pranks with you. They’re straight out of my former convent school dorm and I can only say they worked particularly well on nuns.

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Trick One – Clingfilm (Saran wrap for US readers) over the toilet. Lift the seat, stretch clingfilm tight, replace seat et voila! Works best first thing in the morning when the victim is still sleep-befuddled but you have until 12 noon today to try this out on any especially annoying colleagues/ex-friends…

Trick Two – Tape over (or rather under) the tap. Get some heavy duty silver tape and carefully stick it under the faucet leaving a small gap facing you/your victim. When the tap is turned on the water is forced out in a spray. Great fun to try on a rival just before a particularly important meeting.

As well as my own two well-tried and tested offerings, The Guardian newspaper traditionally runs an April Fool to tickle its readers. The soya latte brigade positively tremble as they try to work out which story is the ringer. Given the Guardian’s eclectic style, this can often prove difficult. I think, however, that I have spotted this year’s effort. It’s on trend, it’s apt and it’s written by one Rio Palof. Work that one out!