With that back to school feel in the air I decided it was time to take a look around at what my fellow YA authors were up to web-wise.  After all, you can always learn a few new tricks or, as most writers do, simply nick all the best ideas…

And where better to start than with Mr. Alex Rider himself, Anthony Horowitz?  Actually, this part of his site is my favourite – a very cool section on all things Alex.  You can check it out at:


Next up I paid a visit to the creator of Coraline, one of the best films I have seen all year.  Make that the past ten years.  As you would expect from the multitalented Neil Gaiman, this site is a visual feast full of quirks and surprises.  Do like I did and spend many a happy hour digging through all the amazing content on offer.  You can find it at:


I know that the equally talented Eoin Colfer is keenly interested in all things technical and it shows at his whizzy site.  There’s an excellent online game,  The Artemis Fowl Inner Circle, and plenty of useful information alongside an eye-popping design.


Before you think I’m biased, there are a couple of female authors with excellent, interactive sites that I enjoyed enormously.  Most of the fun at Cathy Hopkins’ site goes on within Cathy’s Club and it’s well worth joining:


Meanwhile, Michelle Paver has a devoted fan following and a buzzing forum at her Wolf Brother series site:


Lastly, I had to mention the Maestro of the macabre and his equally chillling site:


It’s a gore fest par excellence and if it doesn’t scare the pants off you then  quite frankly nothing will.