Another Lockdown Survival Hack and today it’s make your own yeast, in case you want to join the legions of new bread bakers out there but can’t get your hands on the stuff.

First, potato yeast using the water left over from boiling potatoes…

Simply take a 325ml or a cup and a half of the potato water, add a tablespoon of sugar, and stir in flour until stiff.

Cover and leave overnight in a warm place. If it is nice and bubbly the next morning it is ready to use. If not—start over.

You can also make yeast from grapes.

In this case, stem them (do not wash them, as this will wash off the yeast that you are trying to grow), crush by hand, and place in a container covered with cheesecloth.

Leave undisturbed for three days.

You should start to see the liquid bubble, indicating that the yeast is growing. Strain the liquid (which now contains the yeast), and stir in 1 cup or 150g of whole wheat flour.

Leave your grape starter at room temperature for 24 hours. Save only one cup of the mixture, then add another 150g/cup of flour and a cup or 250ml of water.

Do the same thing for another day or two. You should have a very bubbly starter at this point. After this, just keep feeding it so you will always have some ready for your next loaf of bread.