Your latest Lockdown Life Hack: regrowing veggies. Not only does this mean you get more from your leftover scraps, it might help amuse bored kids stuck at home. Or even spouses.

This doesn’t regrow the carrot but rather the leaves which you can sprinkle on salads. Simply submerge around two inches of carrot in a dish of water with a little of the carrot and all of its top poking out. Put it on a windowsill and it should grow back in a couple of weeks.

Bok/pak Choy and Celery
Submerge the base of either of these in water for three days. Once leaves start to appear in the middle, plant it in some compost or soil in a pot and water regularly.

Remove the leaves from 3/4 of a stem and then place it in a glass of water, Change the water every few days until roots grow. When they’re about two inches long, plant in a pot and tend as usual.

Take the bottom of an onion and let it dry for a couple of days. Create a shallow indentation in a pot of soil to fit your onion. Place your onion in that indentation and water as necessary.

Romaine lettuce
Stick the end of your lettuce in soil (the end which would have been harvested from a plant), place it on a windowsill and water regularly until new shoots appear.

Spring onions/scallions
Place the ends in a glass of water and wait until new shoots appear. Plant in a pot and water regularly.

Garlic sprouts readily and the next times yours does, place it in water that just covers the base. Put it on a windowsill and more sprouts should appear. You can harvest and eat garlic sprouts as you would spring onions or you can plant in soil and grow more garlic.