Yes, it’s been a while.  Same old excuse – I’ve been writing.  Actual locked away in my garret style writing with minimal distractions.  I know I should be accomplishing this while simultaneously keeping up a whirl of blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, Ninging and general Socialmediaimploding but you know what?  I don’t want to.   I want to keep it pure.  I am a return to vinyl author.

I was reading about the music industry at the weekend and how there is a surge in purchases of good old fashioned records.  Some labels are only releasing new stuff on vinyl.  I like that.  It feels authentic.  And so does my refusal to be sucked in by the endless quicksand that is social media.  Sure, I still do all of the above but not when I am supposed to be writing. 

I am one of those writers who becomes wholly absorbed in their work.  Hell, I don’t even play the radio when I’m writing.  I need peace.  Silence. Endless acres of imaginative potential.  I see writers Twittering away all the time and wonder how they do it.  Do I envy them?  No.  I prefer to give everything I have to the work at hand.  For me, social media drains my work of vital energy.  So I might at times feel like a party-pooper but frankly I prefer writing in joined up sentences to producing endless 140 character soundbites.