I’ve been guesting on the Litopia After Dark writers’ podcast again, this time expanding on my theories about technology spoiling traditional plot devices (see A Cell Phone Ate My Plot).  My theories were borne out when my Skype connection kept dropping – I missed whole chunks of the erudite thoughts of my fellow panellists.   Imagine if that happened in a thriller and our hero/ine  missed some vital information that would have saved the world.  Then again, do you really think governments, the security services and supervillains would use Skype??


My Piccadilly stablemate Cathy Hopkins was another guest and startled us all with the revelation that she used to be a rock chick.   She did, however, strike a chord close to my own heart when she talked about the potential horrors of school author visits.   As everyone knows, adolescence can be a tricky time.  It’s ten times more tricky for an author when faced with rows and rows of them, all giving you that 15 year-old, dead-eyed ‘Am I bovvered?’ stare.  Frankly, I think we should get danger money although I hasten to add that I quite like a bit of attitude and every single pupil I have met has been lovely.  Well, most of them.


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