This is the 3rd book in the Resistance Series, but can be read as a standalone. I loved all of these books. The first one was The Silence Before Dawn, followed by Paris at First Light and now this one The Midwife’s Child.
Auschwitz in 1945-Maggie is in Auschwitz as a doctor, following Dr. Mengele’s orders, which is very hard as he is a Nazi. She is a resistance fighter who was in prison for her actions. One day she delivers a baby and the mother is dying. Her last wish as she pleads with Maggie’s is to “Save my baby. Find her father. And reunite them.” Dr. Mengele wants the little girl because she has blue eyes and he does experiments. Maggie must do everything in her power to get little Leah out of the camp.
Then the march begins, and Maggie along with others manage to escape in the hands of soldiers from the Red Army. Captain Jamie Maclean rescues them and will do everything in his power to help Maggie get Leah to her father. He realizes he is in awe of Maggie and feelings develop.
While on the search for Antoine, the father of little Leah she finds out Mengele has escaped and she knows he has something that was left behind that can prove what he and other Nazis did to the people of the camp.
This novel has intrigue, depth and had me up super late as I was thoroughly engrossed to find out if Leah would be reunited with her father in time and if Dr. Mengele would be brought to justice. I highly recommend this novel as well as the others in the series.